Our Boutique, The Inspiration, The Launch and the opening

In September last year after we had held a very successful pop up shop in our local village of Perranporth, we realized that although there is a demand for excellent quality preloved clothes on-line, there is also still a lot of ladies out there who still enjoy the whole real shopping experience. The euphoric high of finding the perfect garment just for you is so much more exciting for some in real life rather than virtual life!
We decided then that a premises was imperative, if we wanted to take our business to the next level and although we had been looking for a while it became a matter of necessity rather that something that would happen eventually. As luck would have it a premises we had enquired about previously became available. It is perfect in size and location and after crunching the numbers and convincing our husbands we took the plunge and signed the lease.
We delayed the opening until February as we wanted to have everything just perfect, the vision we had in mind was to have something special and unique in a village which is very much geared to holiday makers. We wanted our customers to feel like they were walking into an upmarket boutique and not a second hand shop or a clothing agency. We considered every aspect, shop fittings, lighting, flowers, garment tags, labels, signage, the list is endless and as always most of our meetings were held in the car!
Juliette's design flair and vision inspired the whole look of our boutique, using galvanised steel and scaffolding boards for all of the fittings including the rails, the mirrors and the signage. Her artistic skills lent to driftwood accessories and air plant features. We mixed this in with iconic Marilyn Monroe touches in the changing room and by way of scatter cushions in the boutique. All of the fixtures and fittings were handmade, in keeping with the sustainable ethos of our business.
Local artist Perle, our logo designer provided a perfect bespoke feature painting for the wall behind our counter. Our amazing signage, window decals and boards were designed and fitted by Perran Signs. Working late into the night for the weeks leading up to our launch, we were delighted with the final effect. Last minute as always we were only just ready in time to open on our launch night in February.
The launch itself was a huge success, and we were over whelmed with the volume of people who turned up to congratulate us and wish us well. Family, friends and customers mingled together and filled our small boutique to bursting.
Nobody seemed to notice the huge bags under our eyes and the broken finger nails and scratches on our hands. All our hard worked had finally come to fruition and as we sipped our glass of fizz and made conversation with all our well wishers the feeling of accomplishment and pride beamed from the both of us. The very next day we opened, although a little worse for wear we are officially " shop owners", the thought even now is a dream come true.
We have now been open for just over 6 weeks and each day we learn something new and discover something different that works for us. Our commissionary service has encouraged our customers to bring in the most amazing dresses, tops, shoes, bags, coats and accessories, all of which would normally be gathering dust at the back of their wardrobes. It is a fantastic feeling seeing a satisfied customer walking away with something that was no longer of use or needed by someone else. Our boutique has worked well with our online shop and even if you want to shop in store, you can still look online to see what's new in.
So all that is left to say is a huge thank you to our husbands, family, friends and customers who have supported us this far. We will endeavor to be more regular bloggers and keep you up to date with all our news, offers and ideas.

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